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Colin Cullen from Fifty Jades Darker was making an effort to help them out.

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Fifty Jades DarkerEdit

The last person to get a better score than Teanna is up for elimination.

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I'm not even sure if this is in the right category.

On Monday, I was at Teanna's favorite kind of place to be in. (I was at Dave & Busters, where I tried out maybe 17 different games and received 43% of my tickets from Flappy Bird, believe it or not.)

Well now I have revealed something of a short biography of one of my FCs. Teanna is a character that entered the Customerpalooza back in 2017, and entered a lot of fan tournaments.

Well I'm posting this now because I'm getting bored, don't feel so great, and would like the thrill back. Something like "challenge Teanna" is something I had in mind for a while.

Challenge Teanna to any game you want, it has to be like an arcade game where you can get a high score and easily play hundreds of times. (not like a Papa Louie game which takes forever to complete.)

You might win. If you don't, you win some, you lose some.


Can you play the touhou 16 demo on steam


Can you play the touhou 16 demo on steam

Keep in mind I might not be able to accept every single request, even if it's the first one.

We're looking for flash games that can be played without downloading, where you can get simple high scores.

I'm talking about games in websites like freewebarcade or andkon or arcadethunder or something like that.


Maybe move this to forum games