• Plankton5165

    Now it is time to introduce two completely new games that will be coming out in early 2016.

    So, here's how it's gonna work. There are no playable captives. Which means every single playable character is default. This game will be released on March 25, 2016. In this game, there will be 50 worlds with 4 stages each. Actually, 4 for the current team, and four more for the larger team (from ThePlankton5165's Character Elimination). So actually, there will be 8 stages each. There is also boss fights (one for each team, bringing the total of stages to 10 stages in each world.) Also, after you beat the game, you will be able to access an additional 50 worlds, a total of 100 worlds and 1,000 stages. All stages will be huge.

    I wouldn't say this game …

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  • Plankton5165

    The voting chart was formed in August by ThePlankton5165. It received an official name and tripled its length. However, months later, the rules changed, making it akin to the planned chart in 2014. In the first episode, only two people voted. Anyone, excluding the disowned, is free to vote. The disowned includes the now retired 5thCent, WooManEater, Tellthetruth24389, and S0i gang. Maybe 5thCent should take exams. 5thCent considered TESVP a battle (that ThePlankton5165 has won). The battle lasted for six months. The two people who voted were ThePlankton5165 and Chartfanlover. Chartfanlover was given seven times the voting power (3.5x for winning a hangman round, and 2x as it was close to her twenty-sixth birthday.)

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  • Plankton5165

    The last straw came when 5thCent Entertainment blocked ThePlankton5165 across all of the 5thCent Entertainment charts, as well as every page about it. Rumour has it that she, not only has the same fate, but is charting in TCCVP in the Supernanny Fanon Wiki. She is also an antagonist in Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl, and the protagonist in the Ji woong's Exam Challenge series. Remember the warfare started when ThePlankton5165 created a B-side??? Well, ThePlankton5165 is winning. Also, the B-side is now TESVP. The B-side didn't really have a name, later becoming TESVP and multiplying by 3, since it originally had 50 positions but expanded to 150, with a modified plan on five teams containing thirty songs each. Months later, the rules changed.…

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  • Plankton5165

    He is a recording artist who was successful shortly in "ThePlankton5165's Personal Top 150" chart shortly after releasing his new album called "Yeezus". Many singles charted early, especially "On Sight" which advanced 74 positions in early summer 2013. More information here.

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  • Plankton5165

    1. Both were born in the '90s.
    2. Both died in Italy.
    3. Both died in December.
    4. Both birth dates rip off real people.
    5. Both were outlived by their respective parents.
    6. Neither were put to rest.
    7. Both were training before and after their deaths for their powers.
    8. In both ages at death, the second digit is either four times or four greater than the first digit.

    1. July 29, 1890 is either the start or end of their lives.
    2. Both lived in Europe.
    3. All birth dates and death dates use zodiac signs with "fire" elements.
    4. All digits in ages at death are all odd numbers.
    5. In both ages at death, the second digit is four greater than the first digit.

    1. Vincent Van Gogh is from France while Alessandro Todaro is from Italy.
    2. Van Gogh died aged just 37 while Alessandro died at 59, relatively…

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